Competed 1969-1982

I competed in the round Anglesey race from about 1969 to 1982 when it took place the Saturday before the Menai Straits regatta. Do you have a list of past winners as I remember collecting the rather fine salver in about 1979 or 1980 the name of the yacht was Voodoo. I have many fond memories of the race. My first memory would have been 1969 or 1970, I think the race was won that year by Mr Squires in his Arperge 30 called Kibalina (Maroon coloured hull if I remember. On another occasion the same yacht went aground on the sandbanks between Port Dinorwic and Caernafon. At this time we were sailing in a Kingfisher 26 (bilge keel) called Orontium, and fleets were rarely more than a half dozen yachts. On my first race at the age of eight I remember the boat being knocked flat off South Stack a very scary introduction to offshore racing! In those days the race stared at Menai Bridge and ended at Penmon Point on the Royal Dee line which used to exist up there. You had to take your own finishing and as there was no outer distance marker this was a little tricky. One year we lost out to a Dufaur 26 called Papillon by 2 seconds on corrected time have taken our own times, I remember this being very galling and subsequently my mother took it on herself to take the times of finishers. In later years stiff competition came from Urban Taylor’s Prospect of Puffin (Farr 36 with bright yellow hull and black mast). Later I suspect urban contested in his later yacht Megalopolis.

Hugh Myott, Shropshire, Mon 05/08/2013