Can you confirm the record time?

The record is 9 hours and 40 minutes and this year’s race will be held on Saturday 3rd August so whether this will be beaten remains to be seen! This, I believe, is not the record. The record is held by Papagena, skippered by John Flack. The boat is a F5 trimaran which completed the race in 2011 in just over 8 hours, also I attach a extract from BBC News in 2008 BBC News Sunday 3rd August 2008 A new record has been set for sailing around the coast off Anglesey. Neil Thomas cut around 15 minutes off the long-standing record when he circumnavigated the island in nine hours, 16 minutes and 59 seconds. Mr Thomas, of Liverpool Yacht Club, was at the helm of his 38ft yacht Mighty Max 2 when he won on Saturday when he won the annual Round Anglesey Race. The previous single-hull record – of around nine-and-a-half-hours – had stood for more than a decade. The race, organised by the Menai Bridge Boat Club, has been held every year since the 1960s and is notorious because of the lack of safe anchorages along the route. ‘Fastest position’ A total of 17 boats took part in the race this year which started at 1100 BST to suit the local tides. Race officer Garth Griffiths congratulated the Mr Thomas on his achievement in beating such a long-standing record. “He tried for it last year and he got very, very close and I think he was about 10 minutes over the limit,” said Mr Griffiths. “So this year, he put the boat in its upright, fastest position and really went for it. “The record stood for a long time and I think it’ll be a long time before it’s broken again.” Multi-hulled craft also took part in the race for the fourth year running, with the trimaran Papagena finishing in a record time of eight hours 38 minutes. Craig Leitch Sent: 30 July 2013 14:10